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“Interpreting Revelation” (The Book)

August 15, 2010

I was asked to recommend an intro type book toward or about the Book of Revelation. That was easy, this book here: Interpreting Revelation, A Reasonable Guide to Understanding the Last Book in the Bible, by Merrill C. Tenny. I have an old copy, it is not a new book (1957). But Hendrickson, and I think Eerdmans? still publish it. It is simply a little classic, and a must read for a simple, but always profound approach to the Book of Revelation itself.

  1. Where’s he coming from? (Perspective I mean)

  2. Tenney was more classic historic Pre-Mill, though in the book he gives fairness to all the positions.

  3. Just bought it on Amazon. Hopefully it will give a history of eschatology in the church before Eusebius.

  4. Job,

    Perhaps one of the best books on the historical aspect of the Book of Revelation, is G. K. Beale’s book from the NIGTC Commentaries. As I have said many times, the intro is worth the book! But Beale is an Idealist in his position to Revelation.

    • Have Beale’s book already. Unfortunately, haven’t had a chance to read it yet 🙂

  5. Job,

    The intro is a must read! Beale is a good theolog, wish he were historic pre-mill however. Well maybe someday? But, he better get with it, he and I are the same age, lol…(60).

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