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The Hopes of the Church of God, by John Nelson Darby

March 5, 2014

I put this up, to show what was the basic teaching of the Anglo-Irish (Irish but born in London) John Nelson Darby for the Church of God on earth. Note Mr. Darby was a one time Anglican rector of the Church of Ireland, and then with a few others later they began what was to be called ‘the Brethren’ movement. And the rest is history!  Of course Mr. Darby has been called the modern father of Dispensationalism, but many others like another Irishman, Mr. William Kelly, (1821-1906), who had a 15,000 volume library and who was himself a graduate of Trinity in Dublin, as JND. And were good friends before the great church division which separated them. But even after, and Darby’s death, William Kelly became the great keeper and biographer of the many Collected Writings, etc. of JND.

“The Cross of Christ is real – the hatred of the world is real – the love of God is real.”  About a week before Mr. Kelly died he spoke about these three things which were real to him!  May they too become very real to us, who name the name of Christ!  And the time is much later than Kelly’s day for sure!  Come Lord Jesus!

  1. Wow. 7 months and that weight. Natal care must have been good in Ireland for the era we were born. I was 4 days late, and 10lb 4 oz, in 1953! My local maternity unit in Watford had by the time our elder daughter was born in 1978 a leading reputation for the so called “sugar bag” babies! We were grateful for their special care unit 3 years ago when our younger daughter produced her first over 5 weeks early. she was over 5ib but her lungs were weak initially. Now a bouncing large and rampant small girl. Great

    Meanwhile I have been reading up some of your links on J Darby, premillenianism and Dispensationalism. Yes I am finding the Scriptures point more strongly to premillenianism than I had thought. Don’t tell my vicar though! Funnily enough the nursery 3 yr old Poppy now attaends 3 afternoons a week operates in what was once a Bretheren Hall.

    • Yes, in 1949 when I was born, my chances of survival were much less than 50/50! But God was good!

      Yes, I am returning to some of my great-grams roots and influence it appears! She also knew (to some degree?) Arthur T. Pierson, first pastor I believe of Spurgeon’s Tabernacle, after Spurgeon died? She went back and forth to England, from Dublin. And out-lived two husbands! She ended up among the Open Brethren. Sadly, ‘the Brethren’ are in bad shape too, just like the rest of Christendom! Oh modernity and postmodernity have so ravaged the church! Indeed the Church of Laodicea, (Rev. 3: 14-22)…the church of the final state of apostasy will even worsen! It seems I always think of Luke 18: 7-8 these days! More and more my own feeble prayers seem more like cries! But “Christ Jesus” is on the Throne…”Hallelujah”! Praise ye Yah! (Rev. 19: 1-7)

      • Btw, I believe AT Pierson was an American? As the story goes she (me great-gram) was baptized by him (Believers style), as a teen. She was born in 1881, died 1964? I think she went with ‘the Brethren’ (the Kelly’s) in her early 20’s?

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