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A Question as to Historical and Theological Roman Catholicism.

September 27, 2014

Someone has asked me why I have been so hard on Roman Catholicism of late? And I have said, as I have written, this has not been personal but theological and historical! And as I have said too, there are many regenerate Catholics, at least past. But, a hard look at the theology especially of so-called “Francis”, the Jesuit pope, does not look well at all historically for Catholicism! Of course this is my opinion, and we all come from somewhere, and mine of course is from being raised Irish Roman Catholic, in Ireland (Dublin) in the 1950s. And of course too, as I write now, and for over 40 years or so, as a quite convinced Reformational and Reformed Christian. And no apologies! But again, this is both historical and theological! So rock on Sola Scriptura! And let me recommend here Keith Mathison’s fine book: The Shape of Sola Scripturia, (Canon Press, 2001).

Blessings to all, ‘In Christ’,

Rev’d Robert, Anglican

  1. PS… Note, I have written on the so-called use of the title, “Father” (see Paul’s 1 Cor. 4: 15, where it is surely foremost a “pastoral” title). I use it, but mostly when I am doing hospital chaplain duties. But I wonder sometimes the baggage it presents with Catholicism, for I am surely no Roman “priest”!

    • I wonder if people have noted that I am basically a Low Church Anglican? Aye do ya think! 😉 Of course generally the old school Roman Catholics hate me, at least my theology! But that’s a good thing, I am of course very much driven by I hope more of a biblical theology, than a hard systematic one, though I am certainly Reformed, but more Neo-Calvinist. See btw my quote from John Frame, On Scripture and Theology. But I admit Frame is a mentor-like theolog for me!

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