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Rebuilding The Jewish Temple?

January 20, 2016

*I put this up for the information, but I am myself not sure on the rebuilding of a literal Jewish Temple?

  1. A work colleague lent me, many years ago, a commentary on the eschatological chapters of Matthew. This suggested that a new temple would be built. For all the reasons set out in your link, I was far from convinced. Not least, Islam would notice if the Dome and mosque were removed, itself a major project in advance of the major effort of building a temple, even if significant prefab work has already taken place.

    Whatever we consider to be the way the faithful Jewish remnant will be identified and “brought in”, and live in the historic biblical land?, I am not sure a physical temple is necessary either in the process or in the new creation (e.g. Rev 21 v22). I recently came across a short book by Derek Prince. While he was very specific of the order of events in the final consummation, he made not mention of a temple. However I am open to being convinced otherwise.

    • @Colin: I am close too with you here! A rebuilding of a literal Temple in Jerusalem does have problems historically. But of course there are those who say it would be built near the original, but not necessarily in the same exact place? But, the whole idea is based around the of taking Matthew 24: 15-16, etc. most literally. But, I would surely take the idea of a literal and final Antichrist! (2 Thess. 2) However, I am also myself Historic Pre-Mill, but also close to aspects of the P.D., or Progressive Dispensationalism. And this would include some kind of Temple in Jerusalem during the Millennium. And Ezekiel chapters 40-48 would be both historical and spiritual. See too the work of Irenaeus of Lyons here and his view of Premillennialism, which is both literal and spiritual!

      • But yes, the Covenant Promises are “first” to literal, historic & National Israel (Romans 15: 8-9)! And to my mind this surely includes the Land (Holy Land) of Israel! (Zechariah chap. 12-14 / Isaiah chap. 64-66).

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