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Progressive Christians – Remaking God In Our Own Image.

February 15, 2016

*And btw, Enns is also a “Progressive Christian”.  The God of the Judeo-Christian Bible is HIS own presupposition, only here do we find His true Revelation!  And Jesus Christ is both the “Logos” and the “Rhema”, the Word of God incarnate and revealed, John 1: 18.

  1. One day you’re gonna realize my friend that Barth paved the way for all of this.

    • For you Americans, I think we can look back to people like Thomas Jefferson and his Jefferson Bible! Barth never undermines the real authority of Holy Scripture, nor the Deity and Godhood of Christ. And Barth maintained the biblical belief in the so-called Virgin Birth. But of course no man or theologian is infallible!

      *Btw, I have always said that Barth was somewhat influenced by his German liberal education, but his Neo-Orthodoxy was surely NOT fully liberal. YOU Greg refuse to do your homework here with Barth, your positions about Barth are mostly ad hominem (to the man) rather than fully to his theology. That is how I see it anyway, and I am NO full supporter of Barth, no Barthism, but he is always a so-called late church father type in my opinion. In the likes of one like an Origen! And of course Origen was very flawed theologically, but his work and help on the doctrine of the Trinity was surely progressive for his day and ours!

      When are WE going to learn that our church fathers are all men of clay feet! (And btw, this surely includes Van Til!… And for the latter let me recommend John Frame’s nice book: Cornelius Van Til, An Analysis of His Thought, (P&R, 1995).

  2. Btw, here is the so-called Jefferson Bible, I will let it seek to speak for itself… (which of course it can only say: Unitarian at best; and a piece of heresy to my Evangelical mind! Note Rev.22: 18-19 / looking back at Ex. 32: 33 also. Indeed the WHOLE Bible & Revelation must have unrivaled authority as the only divine rule of faith, life and obedience!)

    • Talk about a cut and paste job….such was Jefferson’s so-called Bible! But in reality such is much if not most of the so-called biblical scholarship today. And generally lay people also just pick and choose what they believe today. The Day of Gentile Apostasy, were in it!

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