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The Jerusalem Connection and Deception…

February 26, 2016

‘The Jerusalem Connection says: Jesus said the primary characteristic of this age, until he returns, will be deception. (Matthew 24:4) The vast majority of the world’s leadership are masters of deception, including our own – all strongly influenced by the “Prince of this world.” At the same time there is a strong concentration of their voices and their efforts against Israel and the Jewish people. Yet, there are millions God’s people in this land, who believe in the one true God and His Son as their Savior. Their voices must be heard, especially in the coming election. We desperately need God-fearing leadership who understands and supports the Biblical covenants regarding Israel. To perpetuate the deception of our present leadership and its hostility toward Israel is to ensure our national peril. Yahweh simply will not stand for it.’

*And btw, concerning last night’s debate, Trump was finally somewhat exposed, for he is NOT a true conservative, nor a lover of the Nation and People of Israel, surely in my opinion anyway!

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  1. Beware of all the deception of the smoke & mirrors, especially in the political genre! Read Matthew chapter 23!

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