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The Jerusalem Connection, and Replacement Theology/Supersessionism.

March 11, 2016

The Jerusalem Connection says: The fact that pro-Palestinianism along with replacement theology (supersessionism) and the notion that Jesus is not Jewish but Palestinian, is a direct indictment of the timidity and political correctness that is strangling evangelical pulpits. Biblical exposition of Israel and the Jewish people is a lost art. Instead, evangelicals are given a steady diet of thematic drivel – building your self- esteem, how not to feel bad about yourself and how to get through the day. Enough already! Yes, Israel is a hot-button issue. And sadly, pastors are avoiding dealing with it. Why? Often, they have Arab Christians in their congregations who still cling to their anti-Israel baggage. More often than not, too many have bought into the Palestinian lie and refused to consider Israel and the Jewish people in the context of God’s eternal covenants.

Let’s face it, the sheep are starving and the shepherds are giving them dross.

*Amen, this is perhaps the worst so-called theological thing to come-up the pike!  Terrible, and surely NOT biblical, nor historical Judeo-Christian theology!  But the great Day of Gentile Apostasy is here!

  1. Today many so-called “Evangelical’s” are simply Anathema, in the great disfavor of Jehovah-Yahweh, which ends in their being accursed. Such are the reprobate! And now we have plenty of them in the Visible Church! (2 Tim. 3: 5, 12-13, etc.)

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