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Are Anti-Israel Churches Cursed? (The Jersualem Connection)

March 14, 2016

Are Anti-Israel Churches Cursed?

  1. That’s PCUSA Father Robert

    • Yes, sadly there are many onetime Historic Church’s that have now become basically apostate! Btw, we should note how badly Luther treated the Jews in his time, indeed a huge shame! I am sure he did weep some tears at his Bema-Seat before Christ! But how about us?

      • Btw, with the Nation of Israel right before us (and really since the 1970’s especially), and what we are now seeing with the growth of Islam and its now militant desire for a Caliphate, surely the landscape of the Eschatological End is right before us! (Zech. 13: 8-9 ; chap. 14) But amazingly blind are so many so-called Christian Denominations to the people/Jews and Land (Holy Land) of Israel! Jesus/Yeshua Comes back to the Land and People of Israel, not L.A. (America) or London (the British)! If we miss Biblical Prophecy, we will surely miss the proper understanding of the Gospel also. This was a problem and loss of the Reformation, though there were a few who understood that Israel would return to their land in the end.

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