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The Fruits of Dispensationalism…

March 28, 2016

*And note, I see the basic idea of Dispensationalism, but I am more drawn toward the PD, or Progressive Dispensationalism, but this does NOT change the dispensational ethos of Israel first, then the Gentile, Romans 1: 16, with chapters 9,10 & 11.

  1. And I put up the above to show John Frame’s nice statement toward dispensationalism, to some degree.

    • “Bass also wrote the following about Darby who might be considered the pioneer and founder of dispensationalism:

      Simple in taste, benevolent in disposition, kind in temperament, considerate in his awareness of others, humble in spirit, sympathetic in nature . . . .The single motivation of Darby’s entire life was his love for Christ. If any principle is sufficient to explain the multiple facets of his personality, most probably it is this love. Because of it he has been called ‘a saint of the highest and purest stamp.’ He preferred being with the poor, for he was essentially humble in spirit. This characteristic endeared him to the folk of humble status and was perhaps one of the secrets of his success with the poor Romanists of Ireland and the peasants of France and Switzerland . . . . He professed to require a New Testament precedent for every act of doctrine, and never ceased to apply the Scriptures to himself . . . . All that he said was based on texts aptly quoted and logically enforced . . . . [Darby had] a great heart filled with love for Christ and passionately determined to do all that was necessary to protect His cause . . . . [Darby had] a zeal for maintaining doctrinal purity . . . .With simple faith in the Scriptures as the inspired Word from whence came all guidance and instruction, he had a single approach: abstaining from the abstract philosophical argument, he simply opened the Bible and absorbed its message with little regard for extraneous study. . . . One of his chief contributions to the theological literature is his TRANSLATION OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, an entirely free and independent rendering of the whole original text, using all known helps. (Bass, Backgrounds to Dispensationalism, Chapter II).”

      May all true believers imitate Darby as he imitated Christ (1 Cor. 11:1), especially when it comes to: 1) his fervent love for Christ and for His cause; 2) his fervent love for the Scriptures and his desire to be loyal to them.

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