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Charles Partee, quote, on the Mind and reason/thinking of John Calvin.

March 30, 2016

“Calvin recognized that reason and aspiration have honorable roles in human affairs, but the relation to God is given and maintained in faith. Still, cognitive and conative dissonance troubled Calvin. He worked hard to keep a certain level of confidence in rational order which is instructive, but as Calvin himself often noted, a considerable portion of our world and our theology is not susceptible to reason. This situation should be no great cause for alarm since reformation for Calvin was not only doctrine but life, and life is more complex than doctrine.” (Charles Partee: The Theology of John Calvin, (WJK, 2008, page 31).

*Btw too, for Calvin the will is always involved in any Christian thinking and thought.  But we are always fallen beings in this world, our own “rationale” can be flawed!  So we can only bend our knees to God’s Revelation!

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