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The Eternal Generation of the Son of God. (Theopedia)

April 27, 2016

And yes, I believe myself in the Eternal-generation of the Son of God!

  1. And in my opinion, Calvin did NOT believe in the classic or creedal doctrine of the Eternal-generation. Though he certainly believed in the eternality of the Son of God!

    *Calvin missed it fully here! Again, in my opinion. 🙂

  2. Btw, I would surely recommend reading T.F. Torrance’s book: The Trinitarian Faith, The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church, (T&T Clark, 1988 first edition). Simply a great book and read!

    *However, on the so-called “filioque”, I would be closer to the EO, or the Eastern Orthodox. The Son of God is eternally generated from the Father, and the Holy Spirit proceeds alone from the Father! (The Father is the monarchy of the Godhead). But, in time and incarnationally, thru the Son also, with of course the Ascension of Christ.

  3. Colin permalink

    I may not , yet at least, have got to where you seem to be, but recent reading of EO matters has helped me see it as more than a semantic nicety.

    • Yes, this issue has real theological merit, the regal nature of the Monarchy of God the Father, does matter. Augustine also held closely to the Monarchy of the Father in the Godhead, but with the mutual indwelling of the Persons, properly in each hypostasis. But very early Origen saw himself the eternal-generation of the Son from Father. Origen’s early work on the Trinity was very helpful, i.e. biblical & theological! It was Calvin who perhaps first focused on the so-called economic activity of the divine persons, but he did believe in the “principium” (beginning/origo) of the Father. Though he did not grasp fully the idea of “begetting”, to my mind. Nor the eternal procession of the Holy Spirit, from the Father, alone! And in time, with/in the Incarnation the Son of God with the Ascension sends the Holy Spirit, (John 14: 16). But of course THIS is not the eternal procession itself!

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