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Anti-Semitism in Europe… alive and well!

April 28, 2016

This just broke my heart… Rev. Mike Evans

Dear Rev. Robert,

A German Lutheran pastor in the city of Bremen has publicly declared his opposition to Israel in an unusual way. Writing in an email to a major Israeli newspaper, Volker Keller (who in addition to his pastoral role serves on the municipal council in his city dedicated to integrating Muslim refugees into the community) signed his email, “Volker Keller, AntiSemite.”

Other church officials attempted to cover for Keller, claiming that his declaration was sarcasm, but his public record argues that he has simply dropped the mask to reveal that the ancient hatred of the Jewish people is still alive and well today. It broke my heart to read this story because this is the face of Christianity that most Jewish people see. This kind of behavior is the reason my mother told me “Christians hate Jews” when I was a little boy.

And, this outrageous statement by this German pastor highlights the vital need for us to not just stand for and with Israel, but to speak out loud and clear with the message that true Christians MUST love and support God’s Chosen People…and that is why the Friends of Zion Heritage Center is so vitally important.

One Comment
  1. Amen! True Christians simply MUST love the Nation and Jewish people of Israel…Jesus was/is a Jew and the Jewish Messiah! We Gentile Christians ONLY get our blessings through Israel! (Eph. 2: 12)

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