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Re-post: Eschatological Chart (Updated)

May 1, 2016


eschatology, Historic Pre-Mill.
Eschatological Chart
March 23, 2012

Note, I am myself more toward the classic or Historic (covenant) Pre-Mill. And I also see the merit of some of the PD (Progressive Dispensationalism). Here one should begin with the work of George Eldon Ladd, at least in our so-called modern day. (And of course historically with the Dispensationalism of old J.N.D., John Nelson Darby, and the whole Brethren Movement, which includes C.I. Scofield and The Scofield Study Bible (noting too the eight consulting editors).

*My Irish great-gram was baptized by the Rev. Arthur T. Pierson, at the Spurgeon Tabernacle. She died when I was about 15 (and yes even as one raised Irish Roman Catholic, she had a great effect on me, with her Biblicism).

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  1. PS.. For me the Post-Mill position is dead! Surely we are near the Eschatological End, with the now Gentile Apostasy, which affects especially the West, but in reality all of modernity & postmodernity.

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