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Justification from Eternity…

May 2, 2016

Like Kuyper I tend to the teaching of the Justification from Eternity of the Elect of God, but I realize it is a theological doctrine. Some say Calvin believed it, some say no, but it does seem to express the great depth of the Doctrine of God and Predestination & Election therein.  (Kuyper’s view came out of a belief that “justification does not originate through faith but that it is only accepted in and through faith.”)

*I think myself Calvin DID believe in the essence of the doctrine! And though Turretin’s view appears to beg the question and essence itself… ‘justification was actually executed eternally.’ He agrees that justification was decreed eternally, ‘but counters that actual execution occurs during people’s lives.’ The latter is simply the out-working of this, practically!



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  1. – John Gill’s position here, which is positive.

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