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Biblical Hermeneutics

May 15, 2016

“Hermeneutics is the science that furnishes the principles of interpretation. These principles guide and govern anybody’s system of theology. They ought to be determined before one’s theology is systematized, but in practice the reverse is usually true. At least in the awareness of most people, hermeneutics is one of the last things to be considered consciously. Most people know something of the doctrines they believe but little of the hermeneutics on which they have built. Principles of interpretation are basic and preferably should be established before attempting to interpret the Word so that the results are not only correct interpretations but a right system of theology growing out of those interpretations.” (From the book: Dispensationalism, Revised and Expanded, by Charles Ryrie, Chap. 5 page 89, Moody Publishers)

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  1. As too with Ryrie, see page 90 and linguistics, genre and theological presuppositions! The last is very important, that Scripture is HOLY and always its own “Presupposition”, i.e. GOD’s Word!

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