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Glossary of Military Terms & Slang from the Vietnam War

May 30, 2016

  1. You weren’t over there we’re you?

    • Yes, I was “attached” (RMC) to some of the American Marine 3rd Force Recon, first out of Phu Bai and then Dong Ha. I got there in early 68/Jan. and ran right into the Tet offensive! Later we basically lived in the Ashau Valley. My first, but not my last combat and war.

      • I will be 67 in late Oct. (Lord-willing! 😉 )

      • I happen to be well aware of what the Tet Offensive and the Ashau valley both are. Tet 68 moved the fighting into the cities in the south and the Ashau was one of the most dangerous places in the whole war. The battle for hill 937 made it famous.

        BTW see HERE 😉

  2. “I will be 67 in late Oct. (Lord-willing! 😉 )”

    I was 4 years old in 68. I had 2 uncles and my best friend who were over there.

    • As I remember, later Hill 937 (*correction made) became what was called Hamburger Hill, (1969). The whole area was nasty, going back to 1966 and of course before and after! I later made a night combat parachute-jump (five of us) on the edge of Laos, that was fun! (I was sacred as hell, but we made it!)

      • I’m sure you mean 937, but yes, that 10 day battle to occupy that hill became known as the battle for “Hamburger Hill.”. Heavy losses (both sides) and almost immediately abandoned after we finally took it.

        Even though there were some eventual victories, (like Hue) the underhanded Tet surprise attacks of 68 were another bad turning point for our side.

        I would have been scared too 😀

      • Yes that was my typo, so many Hill’s especially in 1968, #437, #861, #881, both North and South. We Recon’d many areas and places. And yes, we (America) won the major battles of the Tet, but sadly the war was lost politically about then also.

  3. Happy American Memorial Day to you!!!


    • And to you mate! Btw, I fear we have NOT seen the worst of what is coming in this old world, and the end will surely be around Modern Israel! (Zech. 14… note 13: 8 & 9)

      • Btw too, it is quite obvious I am rough around the edges, what we RMC’s call an old Bootneck Marine! Pride comes positive for many in my generation, Christian or not!

  4. Years ago my Vietnamese used to be pretty good, since we worked with the ARVIN in MACVSOG, etc. But ya never knew who you could trust? Some were VC who posed on our side. John Wayne’s movie the Green Berets showed this, which was made in 1968 as I remember? Yes, this day brings back memories!

    Most of America’s best combat forces in the Nam were surely the Cream! God Bless them and their memory!

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