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The Rev’d P.T. (Peter Taylor) Forsyth…

May 31, 2016

I have been asked of late just a few of whom are my favorite pastor and theolog types, and of course P.T. Forsyth comes right to mind! Born in Aberdeen Scotland in 1848 (died 1921), he became Principal of Hackney College London in 1901. But he was always a pastor-teacher-theolog, the depth of his biblical theology was/is profound, and basically conservative!

Perhaps a good start from his writings would be his classic book: The Cruciality of the Cross, 1909, reprinted in 1948. And then too: The Person and Place of Jesus Christ, also 1909, reprinted in 1930 and 1946.

“The non-theological christ is popular; he wins votes; but he is not mighty; he does not win souls; he does not break men into pieces and create them anew.”

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  1. See too, Trevor Hart’s book (edited), Justice the True and Only Mercy, Essays On The Life And Theology Of Peter Taylor Forsyth, (T&T Clark, first published 1995. I have a first myself, 333 pages, and 14 chapters with the bibliography.) This is of course a pretty theological and historical book, but an easy read to my mind.

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