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R.I.P John Webster

June 1, 2016

Indeed he was a well read modern theolog!

“God’s immensity is the triune God himself in the boundless plenitude of his being, in which he is unhindered by any spatial constraint, and so sovereignly free for creative and saving presence to all limited creaturely reality.” –  John Webster  (Surely Webster was affected by Karl Barth! Which was a good thing.)

*Webster was born in 1955, he was 60 when he died. Damn, that comes closer to me, I have/had 6 years on him. I was born in 1949, and will be 67 late this October (Lord-willing!)  In the end, we simply cannot escape the sovereignty and providence of Almighty God! (As C.S. Lewis said, sometimes a cuss word is appropriative!  And I am an old Marine – RMC).

The Smiling Pilgrim

“Theology is the work of the children of Adam who are slowly learning what it is to be the children of God.”

John Webster was a notable contemporary British theologian of the Anglican Communion.

He was an expert in the work of Eberhard Jüngel and Karl Barth (Two of the great theologians of our era).

It is very sad to hear of his passing.  I recommend anyone that wishes to send some well wishes to our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Church to do so.

In Christ we are all one.

“Theology arises from God’s presence, by which it is endlessly astonished and to which it never ceases to turn in humility & hope.”

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