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Christians Must Stand With National Israel!

June 4, 2016

Real Christians MUST stand with Israel ; Rev. Mike Evans

Dear Rev. Robert,

My heart breaks when I read or hear of Christians condemning the nation of Israel. What a tragedy. The Bible is filled with promises that God has made to His Chosen People that will never be rescinded or revoked. They are unconditional and eternal. Every true Christian who wants to be obedient to the Scripture must stand with Israel.

Yet, despite the clear teaching of the Word of God, we see evangelicals from America and other countries castigating Israel and blaming the Jewish state for things like the security fence put in place to stop repeated suicide bombings. Those of us who know the truth have a special responsibility to not only stand with and for Israel, but to encourage others to join with us in this vital work. Today, I am asking you to do something that will bring God’s favor and blessing on your life in a new and powerful way by helping us bring the Friends of Zion Heritage Center to life.

*Indeed Jesus/Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel, to the Jews first then to the Gentiles, (Romans 1: 16).

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