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The State of the Bible in America

June 9, 2016

*The State or better the idea of the Bible in America, somewhat just like Britain is held in so-called high regard, but as I have been saying for the last several years, it is little read or studied. Again, we are living in the days of Gentile Apostasy, and the Eschatological End is fully in sight!  And the West is becoming more and more biblically ignorant and illiterate!

  1. “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119: 11, KJV)

  2. i don’t know about the end being nigh, but certainly, what i mean by study and what others do, at least in my church, is very different.

    • Well the eschatological has been on the church in every age, but certainly now with modernity & postmodernity and with 2,000 years give or take, we ARE seeing much more of the prophetic of verses like 2 Tim. chapter 3, and chap. 4: 1-4, etc.

      • perhaps … i just don’t think that’s important. but maybe, eh.

      • Btw note 2 Tim. 4: 1, Paul’s charge there is based on “HIS (Christ’s) appearing and HIS kingdom”, which is surely a solemn eschatological statement! And now even more so with the time-line of the NT Church around 2,000 years. Grace & Mercy does have an end, and Jesus Christ Second Coming is NOT a time of repentance, but of Judgment, at the ‘Day of the Lord’! (Zech. 14 / Rev.1: 7)

      • “i just don’t think that’s important. but maybe, eh” Humm, I would surely disagree! The Word of God is its own presupposition! And again, I will press this time of Gentile Apostasy! As I have said many times, in my theological and biblical opinion… humanity will NOT survive the 21st century!

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