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The Brexit Vote…

June 16, 2016

  1. Colin permalink

    That is an interesting take. Robustly straight talking and fair for all that. There are a number of influences which are easing me towards the exit door. Only one of which – typical of an accountant – is the failure of the EU to have its accounts fully signed off for many years . That says very little of its ability to manage the ever greater sums of money it demands from us.

    • Yes, I believe in the long haul that the British getting out of the EU would be better, but they must also set some kind of leadership standard again!

      • But can the British set this standard again? Sadly I doubt it! WE are at the End of The Age! Just too many moral and biblical-theological signs!

  2. Btw just a note before the Brexit vote, but right now the poll seems to indicate that the UK Brit’s are about 60% to vote stay in the EU. This does NOT surprise me, most are for the status quo and just the normal pragmatics as usual. Ideology is low on the list for the average Brit in my opinion!

    • Colin permalink

      If that is how it turns out, it will at least be reasonably conclusive – its was 69% for remain in 1975, when I did vote for remain. I will be intrigues to see how the vote splits across the parts of the UK. Much has been made that if the UK as a whole was for exit, then Scotland which is almost certainly comfortably for remain, will seek another independence referendum. More interesting to me is whether an exit vote in England is negated by a remain vote in Scotland, Wales and NI.

      • Yes, the votes will be interesting for the breakdown. But, I still think generally the major areas will go for remaining in the EU. But who knows till the vote? I have always thought myself that going with the EU was the wrong road, but I am NOT a pragmatic or progressive. And 1975 seems like another world today!

  3. Colin permalink

    So the result is something of a surprise. While I may have narrowly gone for exit, and that with some sadness and reluctance, seeing exit as the least bad of two grim choices, I had expected the vote to be somewhere between 50 and 55% for remain. We have the opposite. So UK enters some uncharted and probably stormy waters. I was not impressed by Cameron’s so called reforms – he asked for little and got less. I had no belief that the EU would have sorted itself out if we had stayed. Firstly, I hope and pray that the shock may shake that somnolent institution up and force it to be accountable – OK naive perhaps. Secondly I pray for a drawing together and acceptance of the result over here and a determination to make it work. That is the reaction of most of my Christian Facebook friends, among whom Remain predominated.,

    • Yes, I sure missed this! But, I am pleasantly surprised however, and both of my son’s are glad too, though both missed it also (though both voted to leave). I am just a pessimist I suppose, since I believe this will NOT change the overall British culture! WE have a whole generation that is simply lost as to the true nature of the Judeo-Christian! But, who knows, ya got to start somewhere!

  4. Colin permalink

    And I admit I find Trump’s effusive welcome of the result somewhat offputting.

    • I am not a Trump fan myself, but it is a good day for him I suppose, since he was in Scotland. And this helps the whole idea of change overall. But again true Judeo-Christian change? Not hardly!

      *Btw I have NEVER been a fan of Cameron either!

  5. Btw, I have me Union Jack Converse on today! And I like how the older American generation says they are Americans over being Irish, Scottish or Italian Americans etc.

  6. Are the French next, with the Dutch perhaps to leave the EU? There are elements there in both that are wanting to go! Not to mention other countries with the same desire. Again, we shall see?

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