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“We cannot be silent.” (Rev. Mike Evans)

June 18, 2016

Dear Rev. Robert,

Today Israel is facing the most significant threats she has ever seen as a modern state. These threats are not just in the economic and political arenas, but in the military arena as well. The terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah have tens of thousands of rockets and missiles poised on Israel’s borders ready for use at any moment. In Syria in the north and in the Sinai desert in the south the black flag of ISIS flies in the wind, and this token of great evil is now appearing in Gaza and Ramallah and other Palestinian cities.

The centrifuges in Iran continue to spin and produce enriched uranium, despite the so-called nuclear prevention deal that is being negotiated. There are ISIS fighters on Israel’s northern border with Syria, and the terrorist group has been active in Jordan, Gaza and Egypt as well. The crumbling Assad regime in Syria is again using chemical weapons of mass destruction, and their opponents, including ISIS, are using them as well.

Sadly even as Israel faces these threats, I am seeing evangelical Christians coming from the United States—some pastors of megachurches—attacking the Jewish people. They are teaching against Israel, calling the nation a racist state, and saying Jews do not have the right to Jerusalem, nor to the land. They say all the promises of God to the Jews were canceled at Calvary, and that the Jews are under a curse. That is a demonic lie from hell. It is disguised in the name of a doctrine: Replacement theology. We are going to stand up against this. The nation of Israel has suffered too much, and we cannot be silent.

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  1. Indeed the Gentile of Apostasy has come to stay! WE are seeing more and more the Eschatological End of this planet, and again I just don’t see humanity surviving the 21st Century! The Biblical Signs of the End are surely upon us! WE are seeing things we have NEVER seen in so-called modern times and Christianity therein!

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