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God brought us together for one major purpose… the Nation, i.e. National Israel.

June 24, 2016

God brought us together for one major purpose…  Rev. Mike Evans


Dear Rev. Robert,

There is no doubt in my mind that God planned my entire life for one major purpose: to defend Israel. And there is no doubt in my mind that He brought you and me together today for this great work. During the Holocaust, the world closed its eyes, its ears, and its heart to the cry of Jewish people being slaughtered by the millions. Today, it WILL happen again…unless we step forward and stand in the gap for Israel’s deliverance.

We must not be silent. We must not cease to pray. We must not fail to meet this challenge with the full force of our prayers and our faith. I am asking you today to help me save a nation! The threat against Israel today is the most serious the Jewish state has faced since her rebirth in 1948. Today, we MUST do all that we can to stand in the gap to deliver Israel from destruction. I am more certain now than ever that God has a crucial role for us to play in this vital spiritual battle.

The work of the Jerusalem Prayer Team is so vitally important right now…and we need your help in a special way. We are hard at work on building the great headquarters for spirit war that God has called us to bring to life in the Holy City. Today, I am asking you to do something that will bring God’s favor and blessing on your life in a new and powerful way by helping us bring the Friends of Zion Heritage Center to life in Jerusalem.

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  1. And yes, I am a Gentile Christian, living under the Covenant/covenants of Israel (Eph. 2: 11-12-13, etc.) All true Christians are simply but profoundly Judeo-Christian!

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