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The Final Prophecies…

June 26, 2016

*Note, I would follow some of this, but I am a Progressive Dispensationalist, and Post-Tribulational on the so-called Rapture/Catching-away. But I am surely futurist on the Book of Revelation, (Rev. 1: 3 ; 19).

But we all should be frightened!  Indeed the End of the Age is surely coming, with “Great Tribulation”!  (Matt. 24, noting especially verses 15 ; 21-22!)  But my PD view includes the essence of the Dispensational reality, 1 Cor. 10: 32!  National Israel is always “first” in the Covenant/covenants (Eph. 2: 11-12). And “Israel” is always first place in the New Man! (Rom. 1: 16 / Eph. 2: 14-15)

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  1. Yes Jesus is Yeshua, King of Kings and Lord of Lords: The Jewish Messiah!

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