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June 27, 2016

Someone has asked me my views on Creation, and it is pretty simple, I believe in God’s Creation, meaning HE is the Creator! But I tend to an Old Earth view of Creation, but NOT evolution! And I have not ruled-out a Young Earth view however. But whatever view of Creation, the Scripture does appear to have gaps in the Biblical statement! Thus I take sort of a “Framework” position on Genesis chapters 1 and 2. But NOT an documentary hypothesis! And there is not enough evidence to determine when Moses wrote the Book of Genesis. He may have composed it as a way of calling the first generation of the exodus away from Egypt or, more likely, in conjunction with with the rest of the Pentateuch for the second generation of the exodus as the people prepared on the plains of Moab for the conquest of Canaan. The Hebrew title is “bereshith”, “in the beginning.” And based on the books title “geneseous,” meaning origin. both titles are fine since the book is about the origin of sacred history & revelation. The Bible is it’s own presupposition in and from God!

  1. In my opinion, evolution is a huge modern myth! Nothing is evolving in the creational sense, most especially Man!

  2. See Andrew Jukes books: The Names of God: Discovering God as He Desires to be Known. And his book, Types In Genesis. Two very fine books using the spiritual, as well as theological truth of the doctrine of God.

  3. Colin permalink

    We have exchanged thoughts on this topic before. I do not recoil from evolution as a concept perhaps as much as you. So I tend to hover around the Long Age Creation and Theistic Evolution axis. This is indeed HIS creation , and it all exists because he planned it and sustains it; and I see that as the key message of Gen 1-2, rather than a post enlightenment account answering today’s questions of exactly how, over what period and when He started it all off. Even Answers in Genesis accepts evolution at a micro level and within a 6000 yr timescale – as in the kinds mentioned in Genesis 1 and the flood narrative becoming the more numerous species we see today. Perhaps we will not know the details until we leave this “mortal coil”.

    I tend to the view that Moses wrote the Pentateuch during the wilderness years, though some later editing seems plausible, e.g. the account of his death. I am open to real evidence. John Sailhamer’s 2 books (The Pentateuch as Narrative, and The Meaning of the Pentateuch) are clear that we must look at the entire Pentateuch as a single entity, and at least in initial form from Moses pen.

    • Yes, all of Scripture and Revelation is GOD’s mystery or as Paul says, “musterion”! And surely this includes Creation. Since my father was a scientist, I too have been around this horn many times. But I surely like Hebrews 11: 3, “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what is visible.” (NIV ‘2011) For me anyway the modern idea of evolution does not take faith at all! So right now I must stand in the position of faith, which is always a literal tension to sight and intellect alone. At the moment its Old Earth Creation for me. But who knows, Young Earth is possible?

  4. And btw, even the old Gap Theory (Gen. 1: 2) has become more feasible, possible, even plausible to my mind, with the help of E.W. Bullinger, “without form = waste” (Isa. 45: 18). And here Bully does not press a dispensation per se, but uses the idea of the figures of speech, i.e. Pleonasm and here the use of Redundancy – Where what is said is, immediately after, put in another or opposite way to make it impossible for the sense to be missed. The point being GOD recreates after the ruin and waste of sin! (Again noting Isaiah 45: 18-19)

    • Btw also, see old Andrew Jukes book: Types in Genesis, just a very spiritual book and work on Genesis. We actually must examine not so much pure history in Genesis, but the spiritual. Note how Paul uses types and typology in his Letters. (For example 2 Cor. 4: 6-7, etc.)

  5. And yes, the Pentateuch is a whole spiritual revelation, but it does have sort of its own progression and unfolding in God’s revelation. And somewhat like this we can see in the Four Gospels themselves in the New Testament. We must never forget that the Revelation of God is a progressive one, and yet with both the Old and New Testament! One God in Covenant/covenants, Old Testament to the New.

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