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Rock On Tour de France! A Belgian won the Yellow today!

July 6, 2016

Tour de France, 2,197 miles (3, 535km).  One of my favorite sports events!


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  1. Btw, Stage 5 is hell to pay! A great Yellow Jersey for the Belgian!

  2. I too have loved watching the annual Tour de France for the past 15 years or so. I watch it from my air conditioned home when it is normally over 100 outside. A more beautiful way to pass July has not yet been found. And Calvin was born in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Are you aware of any Reformation significance of the roosters on the top of Church spires that the tour occasionally passes? I am under the impression that Luther put a rooster on top of his Targau church spire to both poke the Roman Catholics of their boasting in Peter as the first Pope, but also signal a new reformation had begun. Any thoughts? Vive le Tour!

  3. I have been to France, especially when I was younger. I saw the Beaches of D Day, with my father and uncles. They are all before the Throne now! One uncle landed at Juno as an RMC (I am also a retired RMC, recon & intell officer, though a Mustang.)

    I was too raised Irish Roman Catholic (born in Dublin, 1949), but left Catholicism in the 1970’s. And yes, indeed, reading Luther’s Table Top has many kind of tid-bits also!

  4. Btw J. Eric Lunden, let me recommend Heiko Oberman’s classic book: Luther, Man between God and the Devil (Yale University Press, 1989 – First edition in English. The First German was in 1982). It is still in print in paper, I have a hardback First myself. I have a few of Oberman’s writings, he was actually Reformed. See his last book: The Two Reformations, The Journey From The Last Days To The New World, (also Yale University Press, 2003). It was edited by Donald Weinstein, since right after it was finished Oberman died, 2001. A nice book, with chapters on both Luther and Calvin.

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