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Islam and the Quran, by Matt Slick

July 20, 2016

Islam and the Quran

‘With ever increasing incidents of terrorism around the world committed by Muslim extremists, the subject of Islam seems to always be in the forefront of our cultural conversations these days. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but those who are, draw their teachings straight from the Quran. Christians today more than ever need to be prepared to address the truth about the Quran and the so-called “religion of peace”. We have recently added several articles about mythical sources used by the author of the Quran that prove it could not be the word of God, such as the Gnostic myths that inspired the Quran’s denial of Jesus Crucifixion and unbiblical Jewish legends about Cain and Able and King Solomon that the Quran reports as history. I have also posted a response to a question about our own beliefs I was asked by a Muslim recently, “Did God become mortal?”. It is my sincere hope and prayer that these and our other article will help you to be better prepared to engage with Muslims in our communities for the sake of the gospel.’ (Matt Slick)


*See Matt’s work and ministry at  His ministry is basically Christian apologetics, but he does also other things. Check it out, a much needed work and ministry today!

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