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Karl Barth, mystery and the EO, or Orthodox.

August 1, 2016

AS Karl Barth noted with the EO, or Orthodox, sometimes their use of Mystery was just not Biblical! God is NOT some aspect of dichotomy or supposed division of two parts. And God is NOT a division of just some mystery. HE IS The Sovereign and Holy God of Biblical Revelation! And He has HIS own will & purpose, His own “Musterion”, which includes His own “dispensation”, economy and purpose.

Btw, Barth was friends with the Russian intellectual and Orthodox priest, Georges Florovsky. I wonder if they had any lively debates?

  1. And in the end, the Christians own and best “mystery” is Christ and Him Crucified… “This is My blood of the covenant.” It is a word which gathers up into it the whole promise of prophecy and the whole testimony of the apostles ; it is the focus of revelation, in which the Old Testament and the New are one. The power that is in it is the power of the passion in which the Lamb of God bears the sin of the world. The covenant which Jesus inaugurated is therefore essentially ‘new’ and can be defined only in reference to the remission of sins as, according to Matthews version, He Himself defines it.” [Messianic]… (James Denny, ‘The Death of Christ’, page 38)

    • “The legal ground of justification – and the reason to praise God as the justifier of the wicked lies in Jesus Christ exclusively … it lies in His death and resurrection, not in his teaching, or in our obedience to it. Man’s faith has a part in that legal ground only in as much as it is faith in Jesus Christ.” (Markus Barth, Acquittal by Resurrection)
      *Yes, this was one of the son’s of Karl Barth! (Markus Barth, Swiss, born 6 Oct. 1915 died, July 1, 1994)

      I have shared this wee statement, on the so-called legal or forensic ground on Justification several times, by Markus Barth of course the son of the great theolog, Karl Barth. Now both are of course before the Throne, and for sometime. But it is a “Pauline” theological statement for sure, and needs constant repeating in our age of modernity & postmodernity!

      “Sharing in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the means of justification: only in Christ’s death and resurrection is the new man created. But this new man is not any individual, this one or that one: he is created from at least two: a Jew and a Greek, a man and a woman, a slave and a free man, etc.”(M. Barth)

      *See btw, Markus Barth’s Commentaries on both Ephesians and Colossians in the Anchor Bible Comm. series. And note too, that M. Barth quite believed and defended the authorship of Paul himself (as the Text/Texts) for both Letters! And for my real “biblical theological” friends, see btw, the early Pauline Defensive for Ephesians, in that Anglican, F.J.A. Hort, as too in his student, J. Armitage Robinson, who wrote one of the best defenses of the Paul-Pauline authorship’s for the Book of Ephesians! Though as Sanday wrote of Hort’s, “it as the fullest and best vindication of Pauline authorship that had been made in English”, (that was in 1897). Yes, F.J.A. Hort and his close friend and fellow Bishop Westcott, both great and eminent Victorian Anglican Evangelical scholars! – And B.F. Westcott’s Commentary of The Gospel According To St. John (with the Authorized Version – KJV – with introduction and notes) still is a certain classic!

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