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Nelly, Karl Barth and Von Kirschbaum…

August 3, 2016
Here is another Suzanne Sellinger Letter over the Barth and Kirschbaum history. (Letter from Karl Barth – Archives) Again, it is quite obvious that Barth and Kirschbaum had some kind of love affair, but whether it had fully gone to the depths of a physical relationship, this has NEVER been really proven! So the debate goes on… but I think reading this, plus the fact that Nelly Barth and Karl had a later reconciliation, and Nelly was responsible for the burial of Von Kirschaum – all three buried near each other, in the Barth plot!  (This is a statement itself)

  1. I am going to heroically resist the urge to lock horns with you on this again. I detest Karl Barth with my whole being.

  2. Btw, I find it interesting, and even hypocritical that those who are so adamant that Karl Barth was an adulterer, have for the most part NO idea of, nor have read Barth’s theology! Indeed no doubt it is quite beyond most of the minds of these people! My two-cents at least.

  3. And the only “horn-locking” should be over the theology of Karl Barth! And even Van Til knew this, and Van Til NEVER suggested Barth was not a Christian, his argument was “theological” with Barth. And to state that Barth is not a Christian is just compete ignorance of both the man and his theological corpus! And note, I am NOT a Barthian myself, but I do recognize that Karl Barth is within the Church Father place. And note again, we place even Origen here, and rightly so, and of course he was very flawed in many places, both biblical and theological. But his value, especially over the great Trinity of God is quite profound!

  4. Thank God Heaven and Salvation will be by God’s Grace & Mercy! Something we can NEVER merit or surely keep by ourselves, and heaven will no doubt surprise us, that WE ourselves could be there, and that perhaps many we thought would be, are NOT!

    This thought does humble me at least!

    • And yes, I am a Calvinist, rather more Neo-Calvinist now! I remember my very first Irish Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Sweeny, who was from the Catholic Augustinian Order. And I do expect to see him in the Glory, around Jesus! What a providence he was in my early life! Btw, he landed at Juno Beach on D-Day (as too one of my Irish uncles, who was an RMC), and Fr. Sweeny was a Catholic military chaplain then.

      What a life it is, this grace & mercy of God In Christ! 🙂

  5. I’m not getting into this with you again now. My view of Barth was settled 25 years ago and has not seen any danger of revision since.

    • @Greg: First, this is MY blog, you responded here. And I am NOT pressing you one bit! Believe what ya want, you always do. And I simply shared this piece by Sellinger that was sent to me. But of course I have an opinion. I really have read Barth, and his whole/entire CD once in my life, and it was a blessing overall! And I read him sometimes still.

      Haven’t changed in 25 years? Not good, I have changed some of my ideas biblical and theological, though NOT my core! But, we are NOT in the same Calvinist or Reformed mindset, not by a long shot! I am “eclectic”, and this means spiritually, and you don’t have a clue here! And if I do “distain” anything, it would be the modern Calvinist fundamentalist mindset! Which is really NOT true Calvin or Calvinism! Again, my thoughts anyway. But, I do see you as a certain brother ‘In Christ’, even as much as we disagree! 🙂

    • Striking the balance of Law and Gospel is always an issue for the Christian mind! And sadly legalism is always problematic for the serious Christian, more for some than others, but again Paul is the great Apostle here for Law and Gospel, see Galatians chapters 3-4 & 5!

      *And btw, the Moral Law of God is binding in both Testaments or Covenants!

  6. And yes, let us “Behold The Man” (ECCE HOMO)… John 19: 5! The Son of God, Son of Man!

    *It is sad to me, that far too often so-called Christian apologists, don’t seem able to worship HIM! Worship is often God’s best Christian defense! For GOD is HIS Own presupposition, and always in the depth of the regenerate heart! And there is NO such thing as a non-worshiping redemptive Christian! (Fr. R.)

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