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Re-Post: On the Final Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ, (Calvin Sermon, From Corpus Reformatorum, Calvin Opera, volume 52, I believe?)

August 14, 2016

On the Final Advent of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Calvin Sermon.
January 14, 2013

“Our Lord Jesus Christ must appear from heaven. It is one of the principle articles of our faith. His coming must not be useless. Then, we should look for it, waiting for our redemption and salvation. We need not doubt it. For that would violate all that our Lord Jesus Christ did and suffered. For why did He descend into this world? Why was He clothed in human flesh? Why was He exposed to death? Why was He raised from the dead and lifted into heaven? It was to gather us into His Kingdom when He shall appear. Thus this coming of our Lord is to seal and ratify everything He did and endured for our salvation. Now that should fully suffice to brace us up to resist all the temptations of this world.” – John Calvin

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  1. Just a great quote by John Calvin, and one we should read often! As I remember, it is a Calvin sermon taken from the Texts of 2 Thessalonians 1: 6-10?

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