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Adam’s Synchronological Chart or Map of History

September 8, 2016

I put this up for all my true biblical and theological friends and seekers!  Mine this for awhile… years!  And yes it is based upon Archbishop James Ussher’s biblical chronology.  Yes, I have a copy, and it is simply huge! (About three feet tall)  I have just ordered a new copy from Amazon. Just a bit less than 40 bucks!  A must have for the serious Bible Believing Student!

  1. But note also, I myself believe in the aspect of the “biblical genre” as well, as for example in the Ancient Hebrew Cosmology. But we always must start with the Biblical Chronology itself!

  2. Btw, I like the older version of course foremost, but we shall see what the newer one holds. The best of this is the biblical aspect in my opinion.

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