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Fifteen Years — nebraskaenergyobserver

September 11, 2016

I wrote the following five years ago today. It still seems appropriate now for the fifteenth anniversary of that horrid day. There isn’t one of us who doesn’t remember what we were doing. I was having a day off and was watching Good Morning, America and I will remember to my dying day Diane Sawyer’s “Oh, my God!”. […]

via Fifteen Years — nebraskaenergyobserver

*Thanks NEO, great piece!


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  1. ‘Fifteen Years’ but seems almost like yesterday! Lord help us all, especially in the West to never forget! God Bless America, and give Americans great resolve, mostly her leadership!

  2. the unit permalink

    Hi Fr. Robert. Nice website you’ve developed. Came from the pingback you had over at NEO’s.
    First time I’ve noticed how to visit. Had seen your mention in comments before that you did have a blog.

    • Hey Unit: Yes, I have had this wee blog for a few years. I am “always” the pastor-teacher, part of that “calling” of God to be a shepherd. I am serious and pressed here. But welcome!

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