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Martin Luther, Against the sale of Indulgences.

September 15, 2016

And the whole Papal Indulgence System really stands against the whole idea the Pope and Papacy has any real capability of being infallible!  Luther was surely right here!

Martin Luther, Always A Controversial Figure

September 18, 2014

“Luther has always been a sign that is spoken against, a historical figure who remains controversial up to our day. As such he shares a common destiny with many great figures. Yet there is a sense in which Luther also towers above their ranks. In his case the pros and cons involved have, as their particular focus, issues of ultimate concern. Behind them lies the question about the Christian understanding of truth, question that confronts each generation anew and will always remain controversial. Previous conflicts subside; new ones arise. Even in an age characterized by historical relativism, religious indifference, and theological toleration, opinions concerning Luther – the man and his work – will vary.”

“Spiritual freedom and literal conformity stood side by side in Luther.”

– Walther von Loewenich: Martin Luther, The Man and His Work. (1982, Augsburg Publishing House, Minneapolis, USA)… Taken from the Introduction.

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