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Re-Post: Reformed Scholasticism

October 13, 2016

Reformed Scholasticism
March 30, 2011

‘Post-Reformation theology soon ended up in scholasticism again. This is unavoidable. It is also good. You cannot live and think only in terms of reform. You cannot continually be in change and dwell in peril. It leaves you dizzy, just like a merry-go-round. Reformation is good, but it is only a moment in the entirety of the tradition. You may not, therefore, only be reform-minded, but must also think in terms of church and catholicity. Then theology unavoidably branches out to scholasticism.’

– Arnold A. Van Ruler, Theologish Werk IV (1972)

*Of course Van Ruler was a Reformed and Reformational Christian.

One Comment
  1. “The Reformed Theology in its beginning was a theology of catholicity. The Reformers sought no originality, only to understand and perhaps somewhat further develop the theology of the Apostles Doctrine, and the core of the Gospel. This should be our desire as well. And it is here that we seek a Reformed Scholasticism also. But make no mistake, this is a historical theological perspective. A Reformed Theology seeking the centre of Catholic faith and doctrine. Indeed here is Acts 2:42 for us today!”

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