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MARSOG “Raiders” chooses Glock 19 (9mm) over the .45

October 18, 2016

MARSOC Chooses Glock 19s over .45s for Raiders

*Basically more rounds (9mm) verses punch (.45). In close combat I would take punch!


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  1. Btw, one of my uncles who was an RMC (Royal Marine) in WW II, said if they could get American 911’s (.45) they would take them! And and many if not most of the British Commandos used the 911 and the Thompson Sub Machine Gun also, (if they could get them).

    • Btw too, both the 911 .45 and the 9mm’s (both the Smith & Wesson Military Mark 22 Model 0 9mm “Hush Puppy” and the Browning 9mm Mk 1 semi-auto were used in Vietnam). The 9 was used more for up-close and sentry shots by Spl Ops and and Recon; the former could use a silencer. But the .45 was always well liked, and used also.

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