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Charles Wesley Hymns

October 22, 2016

Just a note, but both of the personal conversions of the Wesley brothers were like their work and ministry In Christ, generally “partners” in one of the most dramatic and fruitful times in true Evangelical History!

  1. One of my favorite Charles Wesley hymns is his: Wrestling Jacob… ‘Come, O Thou Traveler unknown. Whom still I hold, but cannot see.’ Are YOU “traveling” together with HIM? That One who is always there, yet we cannot now see, but we shall in eternity and His Heaven!

  2. In my opinion the best that can be said about Wesleyan Methodists was their social and gospel obligations… ‘A charge to keep I have . . . To serve the present age, My calling to fulfill, O may it powers engage To do my Master’s will.’

    On the negative side, both John and Charles missed the best of Anglican Calvinism, note Charles attack on Calvinism with his fifteen stanza hymn taken from Hymns of God’s Everlasting Love, 1741. But as I have shared, the Wesley brothers were actually much more affected by both Calvin and certainly Luther than any classic Arminianism, though they called themselves such! My conclusion in their theological study and history. (Though surely NOT in their later followers!)

    *See the Anglican Article XVII, Of Predestination and Election, Book of Common Prayer. And btw if you can gain a copy of W.H. Griffith Thomas, D.D. (of course an Anglican and Evangelical): The Principles Of Theology, An Introduction To The Thirty-Nine Articles (First Edition, 1930)… It has been in reprint for many, many years, my copy is 1963, London).

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