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Charles Orde Wingate, (1903 – 1944)

October 30, 2016

*One of my Irish Great Uncles served with Gen. Wingate and his Chindit’s in Burma in W.W. II. He was a 1st Sgt, and hand-to-hand combat instructor and infantryman as too with Wingate a commando and early guerrilla type fighter.

  • No doubt Wingate learned to love the Jewish people and “Israel” from his parents who were in the so-called Plymouth Brethren (the Brethren).
  • I too had a Great-gram who was in this group, though she preferred to be called an “Irish Brethren”. And yes, I got my first Scofield from her!

PS.. I got my multi-copy of JND’s: The Collected Writings from my Great-gram, who died when I was about 15. Yes, I have been reading JND off and on for many years!  And I would agree that he is the Father of modern Dispensationalism, though I am myself much more of a Progressive Dispensationalist. But John Nelson Darby was simply a great Christian mind and man, though of course hardly infallible. And yes, I am always willing to defend what I believe and consider to be proper Dispesnationalism. Without this we will simply miss the fullness of Biblical Theology, 1 Cor. 10: 32!

And btw, JND was NOT the so-called founder of the PB’s, but was one of about seven men who first came together to form the early nucleolus. Harold Rowdon’s book: ‘The Origins of The Brethren’, (Pickering & Inglis LTD. London, 1967) says that “the Brethren movement originated not in Plymouth but in Dublin.” But of course later Plymouth became the centre of the movement in England, and then to even places in Europe itself.

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