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October 30, 2016

Historically All Saints Day – Nov. 1 (also known as All Saints Eve, which became of course Halloween) is followed by All Souls Day (2 Nov. West, 3 Nov. East) and of course from Roman Catholicism came the Eve of All Saints Day, which sadly became Halloween (Oct. 31) – which early was celebrated by children who went out in costume from door to door begging treats, or playing pranks. But now we can see what it has become especially in the West, just a pagan holiday with pagan ideas of God.

*’It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals which may have pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain, and that this festival was Christianized as Halloween.[1][7][12][13][14][15] (wiki). Some academics, however, support the view that Halloween began independently as a solely Christian holiday.’ (The latter could be debated, as the Reformation Churches did NOT imbibe here, at least in the Roman Catholic sense.)

  1. The whole Roman Catholic Rites or Rubrics for the Dead as too their use in their liturgics against demonology, exorcism (any Exorist, etc.) goes beyond Holy Scripture. My belief at least!

  2. Colin permalink

    Yes, the true power is in the Name – as Peter told the lame man at the Temple Gate.

    I have always loathed the way Halloween has developed, in the UK mostly since my teenage years. I had never heard of it all until we were married. Whether fairly or not, I have perceived it as an import from the States we could do without. A wise elder curate in our Parish once commented that while it may not of itself be explicitly invoking satanic powers, it is leaving the window open a crack. Not good.

    In years gone by I had a supply of Gospels and tracts which I handed out as a real treat!. I once had a conversation with a teenage lad loitering around our church, who remembered me giving him one some years earlier. The father of one of my daughters closer school friends, a Moslem family, thoroughly approved my approach. These days we have a local police poster saying no thank you on the front door. It is respected.

    I admit I find the whole concept of an unsolicited visitor demanding a treat or face some kind of trick as appalling. Little short of lawful extortion.

    Rant over.

    • Colin: Yes, as biblical believers and men who know at least something about the true spiritual nature of Christian warfare (Eph. 6: 10-18, etc.) And our Apostle Paul, always that ambassador even in chains! And we too are free men ‘In Christ’! I love YOUR spirit and Gospel efforts my brother! But sadly but surely it will get even worse spiritually as The Day of The Lord approaches! May we keep the Faith until our end of days! I am 67 now, wow! Your close too as I remember? lol God’s richest blessings mate in the Lordship of Christ!

      • Colin permalink

        Thank you. And as I have said to some, last March, I was 21 for the third time!! And the UK rules meant I got my old fogey’s bus pass this year. Coronation year was a good one, what with the Everest success etc. Earlier this evening, Cathy had to drive to a friend to deliver some stuff, c 18.30 our time. When she returned her comment was that while there were a number of children going round with adults in oversight (for their safety), there were also some horrendous looking groups of teenagers loitering on corners. We have noticed a marked worsenment to the unpleasantness of costumes in the shops this year. I am thankful that while their faith is not strong, both our daughters do their best to ignore the whole charade and keep the grandchildren out of it.

      • 63 eh, well 67 is harder to say! But, its just a number. Indeed in the American culture things are just crazy nuts, and not with just the teens, but the so-called adults also! Surely we deepen into the age of ungodliness, as the eschatological End! And it will get even worse! My youngest son (early 20’s) is in the Royal Army as a combat infantry medic, and doing fine, but he has just recently became jump or parachute trained, following there his old man…Lord have mercy! (Btw, I have well over a hundred jumps, but I have basically quit.. I think? lol But my back says I have!)

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