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The Definition of “alt-right”…..

November 24, 2016

” ’Alt-right’ is short for ‘alternative right,’ to distinguish the movement from mainstream conservatism. There’s no one way to define its ideology, but it is often associated with efforts on the far right to preserve ’white identity,’ oppose multiculturalism and defend ‘Western values.’ Adherents say those values are increasingly under attack with the rise of racial minorities in the U.S. and as the left pushes ‘political correctness.’ Some adherents sometimes refer to themselves as ‘Europeanists’ or ‘white nationalists,’ rejecting the labels of racist and white supremacist.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center says the term dates to 2008. It notes that one challenge in defining it is that “the [alt-right] movement is not monolithic.

I thought this was interesting, noting that it is not really “monolithic”. I am myself an Anglo-Irish Brit, and obviously something “European”, but NOT racist or a white supremacist. But I am a conservative and something of a British libertarian, but I don’t like the term nationalist. But living now in America I do simply love the American Constitution, and I also love freedom!  May true freedom ring, always being bought and paid for by sacrifice and truth!

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  1. Btw, it is no secret that I am pro-Israel and a Zionist Evangelical Christian (also Reformational & Reformed to some degree).

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