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Fastest Growing Churches Teach Literal Interpretation of the Bible

November 30, 2016

There was a day when most Protestant Church’s believed in the literacy (read, i.e. were literate and believed in the essence of Holy Scripture).  Those days are gone now!  But some of the best of the historical theologians were Anglicans, but of course they are for the most part before the Throne of God now!  And here I think of Archbishop Ushher, who was always a scholar and “Biblicist”!  And make no mistake the true and best historical Church/Churches are somewhat Creedal!  Far too many so-called Evangelical’s are simply ignorant here, my conviction at least. But of course I am a Reformational and Reformed Anglican rector, which I feel is the best of Anglican Evangelicalism!  But of course too this is now basically gone (or very small now) in this day of Gentile Apostasy!  Again, my two-cents at least.

  1. And note, I say it straight-up, N.T. Wright is NOT here! This is not a personal attack, but biblical and theological. And Wright is just a year older than I, but our two paths have been so very different. I of course served and retired from the military, from which was one of my greatest providence’s of God! And this surely helped me move into being something of a Zionist Christian, (since about 1993), and after Gulf War 1 (a big wake-up call in my life!) To God Be The Glory!

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