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Obama’s Abandonment of Israel Should Surprise Nobody

December 27, 2016

On one level I am surprised somewhat that there is not more so-called Christian alarm about the UN Vote, but on another we are quite seeing more of the evidence of Gentile Apostasy in the visible Church!

  1. Hopefully in America’s constitutional freedom, we who see this as a great abandonment towards Israel, will wake-up? And especially many American Jews!

    • And these times are not just political, as moral, spiritual and of course so-called religious! Judeo-Christianity is at the centre. Let us pray for Biblical renewal with those who truly read and believe the Word of God, i.e. Holy Scripture!

  2. Btw, this is not really a battle against Obama per se, after all he is the American president, but a battle of ideology and moral belief, and this is the freedom to disagree. And we cannot give Israel a free ticket either, but we must always support their right of existence, and their belief in our Judeo-Christian God! My thoughts anyway, with the American Constitution, which has a transcendent aspect in the belief of God and something of His Providence.

    • *Both of the American founding fathers, George Washington and Ben Franklin wrote and spoke of their belief of and in God’s Providence, especially during the American Revolution.

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