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Biblical and Gospel Recapitulation!

January 4, 2017

Someone wrote me recently and said, that all I do basically is repeat certain biblical and theological issues and ideas! And I said, your right, for I have found that repetition is one of the best teachers! So I will recapitulate often, but I hope in the Spirit of Christ and the Gospel Truth! And today this surely includes the place of Modern and National-Biblical Israel! AS many know with me, I firmly believe we are in the centre of the Eschatological End, so there is no change or regrets in my basic message here!   🙂

Fr. Robert (Anglican)

~ ‘Jesus is Lord over all of creation. Jesus’ Lordship extends through every area and aspect of life – it is not restricted to the sphere of church or of personal piety.’

PS.. There are plenty of pop-gospel’s out there today, and as I have said over and over we are again in the Day of Gentile Church Apostasy!  Truth is a very foreign compound or composite in our postmodern culture.  And it always begins with the heart & mind.  But again, we live in a very, very fallen-broken world and society!  (See 2 Cor. 4: 1-7, etc.)

  1. See btw, my piece and post on Grunewald’s Crucifixion from the Isenheim Altar! (Above)

    • And I find it a true blessing when people use the word “eclectic” for my own biblical teaching and theology! (Though of course they use it in the negative, I do NOT!) A word I use myself, though my eclecticism is NO method or system, just a word to define some aspects of the biblical mystery (“musterion” Greek) itself of God’s Word & Revelation! GOD Himself and In Christ is the great “comprehensive”, i.e. Transcendent! To God be the Glory!

      • And I will not let people forget, and I am something of a classic and conservative Anglican “theolog”! 😉 Btw would that I could get people to read old Archbishop James Ussher! See for example his book (now in reprint, 2007), A Body Of Divinity, Being the Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion. Yes it is somewhat basic Calvinist, but still a good read! Though I am now much more Neo-Calvinist myself, again hopefully in the “musterion” of God!

        Keep Reading, I pray! 🙂

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