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Julian Assange and FOX

January 9, 2017

Just a few words here, since some in FOX News have come out in basic support of Assange. I myself cannot understand this? (And I like FOX News for most part) First Assange is an Aussie, and I think it obvious that he has been and is a liberal one, not surprising since many Australians are liberals these days. I won’t get into the issue, really issues of what he has done, though much of it has to be seen as surely negative toward the West! The point is he has really no real friendship with the American or British governments. And he calls himself an advocate of “market libertarianism”, whatever that is? Just another way to say I do what I want it seems!  My two-cents anyway.

~ Note, I had published this the other day, but had pulled it. But I think it does need to be said!




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