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Beware of Bible and Theological Snobery!

January 13, 2017

See Phil. 2: 1-5, etc. I see this especially with so many so-called “theolog’s” today! And many are among the so-called Reformed and Reformational family, and especially many of the so-called Barthians! UGH!

  1. Anytime that we think we have locked-up God’s Word & Revelation into a neat system, we are in deep trouble! And I am one who values Theology for sure, and even consider myself something of a certain Reformational and Reformed Christian, but that does NOT mean I have somehow cracked the mystery – as Paul loves to use the Greek word: “Musterion” – in a most comprehensive way of God’s most deepest mysteries! See, 1 Cor. 4: 1. And even here he is but a “steward” himself, but seeks to be a “trustworthy” one! So just how “trustworthy” are we as we read and handle God’s Word? That question and issue should always be before us as we study God’s Word & Mystery!

    • Indeed “humility” before God’s Word is always part & parcel of the Christian pastor & teacher! This WORD is as Paul says God’s very “breath”! (2 Tim. 3: 16)

  2. Btw, as I have written elsewhere I have read Karl Barth for many years, and have his very large CD, Christian Dogmatics, (and have read it all the way through, once, which was a feat in itself!) But surely Barth was much more of a Church Father type, i.e. Theologian, with the big T! But he is less pastoral in my opinion, and was surely affected by the liberal Church and theological model of his age! Yes, he should be read to some degree by students today, but perhaps one of his best students would be a better understanding of his theology… and that is T.F. Torrance? But even Torrance has his shared weakness also! And no I am NOT a Barthian, though I do appreciate the depth of Barth’s thinking, but better yet is always Christian Faithfulness! So in the end, there are simply better Church Father’s than Barth, of course in my opinion, like the Western classic Church Father: Augustine!

    • See and read btw, Hans Urs von Balthasar’s book: The Theology of Karl Barth, (Ignatius Press, 1992). A very good read for the most part, and somewhat friendly, but both men were surely affected by the basic liberal approach to Holy Scripture, of course in my theological opinion. And yes, they were basic friends. Von B., was of course a Roman Catholic.

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