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The Incomprehensible Righteousness of God . . .

February 11, 2017

I am always reading, and of course mostly Holy Scripture and Theology! And I have been reading John Calvin on the Book of Job, with Derek Thomas’s book: Calvin’s teaching on Job, Proclaiming the Incomprehensible God chapter 2, (Mentor imprint, 2004, 416 pages). Of course too I have great respect for John Calvin’s ministry as a Christian Reformer. Though I do recognize he is NOT infallible, but he was a great pastor and teacher sent by God!

“The problem of theodicy is at the bottom of man in his lostness the problem of the prodigal son (G.C. Berouwer, The Providence of God, 260). This is also quoted in Thomas’s book, chapter 2, page 93.

“It is no longer plausible to offer a theological portrait of Calvin apart from the late medieval tradition. The medieval era is much more complex than we have been given to understand, and Calvin’s relationship to it is one of enormous interest.” (Calvin’s Teaching on Job, Thomas, page 93) So we all come from so place in time, as John Calvin. But this and his time was manifest in God’s purpose and providence for the Church in and with the Reformation, and Reformed! And in many ways these issues continue theologically and biblically unto the Church’s end on earth. And it is here that the Book of Job, and Calvin’s understanding of suffering for even God’s Elect is seen and studied!

Derek Thomas’s book on Job with Calvin here is highly recommended!  But yes, dense biblical and theological study!  Almighty God is Totally Other, and always Transcendent!

*I fear God’s People are going to enter into even more suffering and even more of the Church’s visible apostasy, in this eschatological time!  Much of this will be ideological in the West. The attack on the Word of God is coming ever more!

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