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Pope Francis Continues Push For One World Religion

February 21, 2017

Whatever one can say today about “Francis”, it is quite obvious that he does not care about Biblical Theology! To my mind today’s Papal Catholicism is adrift and really just full of modernity & postmodernity. It’s time to just jump-ship for true Catholic Christians, as we can see with the battle between Traditional Catholics and this “Jesuit Pope”! Sad, very sad, for there have been some past Jesuit Catholic theolog’s that were true seekers in some aspect of biblical theology, but they are gone today generally for the most part (even old Joseph Fitzmyter, S.J., died 24 Dec. 2016) ; Of course in my opinion. I am reminded of the great Hans Urs Von Balthasar, who was a one time Jesuit, but left it, and went his own way… creating his own version of a ‘Theological Aesthetics’. And was long friends with Karl Barth.

  1. And yes, there have been many regenerate Roman Catholic Christians, in spite of the Papacy, especially in the past! But, its time to move on, and depart from this fast becoming apostate church! Again, my opinion and belief at least, but I am of course Reformational & Reformed.

    • And btw least some think I am being overt here, I do like one older again Jesuit theologian, in his mid 80’s now, one Gerald O’ Collins, see his many books on classic-like Christian doctrine and theology! Try reading his book: The Tripersonal God, Understanding and Interpreting the Trinity (1999, I think its still around?)

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