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Anti-Semitism in America Today

February 28, 2017

The rise and spike of anti-Semitism in America of late, with the attacks on Jewish graves and cemetery’s, and with many Jewish bomb threats today is simply amazing hatred! America today is bound on the Left and Right ideological divide sadly, and much of this is just political ignorance and hatred. But again, this is just the further signs of the times in our now eschatological world. Modernity & postmodernity will surely fail in the end! And of course this is all prophetic also, centred around National and Modern Israel in our day. Jewish hatred simply but profoundly increases, and now especially in the West. This is an amazing hate, and comes in reality from both the religious and secular world in our time, but has been around for centuries. In my belief it is a spiritual battle, and will take us to the End of the Age!

Come Lord Jesus!

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