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American College Campus Battleground Over Free Speech

March 4, 2017

*This is so very sad, and just another sign of both modernity & postmodernity in our time!  The loss of freedom and thinking is profound today!  Whatever happened to Western Philosophy and Logic in our culture?  Again just ignorance and the loss of true ideology, i.e. the study of ideas, their nature and source.

  1. Yes, Greek and Western Philosophy is so needed today, Aristotle, Plato, etc.

    • Note btw, how modernism and postmodernism especially attacks Plato’s teaching of Ontology and of “Being” & person! Martin Heidegger was a Nazi in WW II and brought us the term “deconstruction”! And now deconstruction has brought our time many different meanings and things, sadly.

      *Strangely, Heidegger was buried in some aspect of Christian burial at which a Roman Catholic priest officiated, died 1976. But according to historical sources Heidegger never rejected his time as a Nazi! And it is well known that Heidegger rejected his Catholicism in the 1930’s and 40’s. He also had at least two mistress’s when he was married (to a Lutheran woman). History speaks for itself!

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