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‘Conspiracy Theorist’s’ . . . Vindicated?

March 11, 2017

I was not sure about putting this up? For I am NOT a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ type, and surely not “Every” would be close to true. But, I put it up for the subject, etc.

*But, I would agree that not everything done in the name of freedom and protection by even our Western governments is true or right. And here I speak of both the British and the Americans. We all must respect our collective moral conscience, especially in a Judeo-Christian society! But sadly I believe we have lost ground here.

One Comment
  1. Here is quote I took from the Jerusalem Post… “Rabid anti-Semitism coupled with an addiction to implausible conspiracy theories is a very strong predictor of national -doom.”—Walter Russell Mead, Bard College

    *Note the word “rabid” here, indeed how could “every” conspiracy theory be equal?

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