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Modern Israel and Christian Zionists, Rev. Mike Evans

March 19, 2017

Dear Rev. Robert,

Long before the miraculous rebirth of Israel in 1948, there were extraordinary men and women of faith and insight who believed the promises of the Bible that the Jewish people would one day return to the land of their fathers. When it seemed impossible, they declared that what God said would surely come to pass. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that it would not be possible for Israel to have come to life apart from the help of Christian Zionists.

Yet, many of these amazing people are being forgotten…and that is a
tragedy. We must remember their work, their faith, and their sacrifice as we seek to follow in their steps and stand in the gap for the Jewish people. In The Visionaries, my newest book, you will meet Blackstone, Hechler, Oliphant, Spafford, Shaftesbury, Balfour, Lloyd-George, and more…and be inspired and encouraged by their stories.

Get your copy today with your gift of $30 or more for the work of the Jerusalem Prayer Team to bless and defend God’s Chosen People.
Your ambassador to Jerusalem,


Mike Evans

  1. This book by Mike Evans might be worth the money, the subject sure is worth everything between Israel, Jews and Zionist Christians!

  2. There are many other names we could add to this as Visionaries, and those who believed their Bible for the Covenant & covenants to Israel! Especially in the 19th century, the so-called Brethren Movement, the first Scofield Study Bible, and their editors, etc. The list would be rather large, and both men and women who are not known today, but again studied their Bible, and watched the Jewish people!

    • *My Irish great-gram (an Irish PB) who had such a great affect on me, both biblically, evangelically (old school here), and yes prophetically! And no doubt her prayers for my salvation! (Even though I was raised Irish Roman Catholic)

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